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by Christiane Lemieux 



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The Tender Side of Power

I'm not sure if you know this about me, but I'm crazy about action figures... go figure! Ever since I was a kid, I've been passionate about them. So when I discovered these amusing interpretations I almost flipped. They happen to be part of an exhibit created to celebrate the second anniversary of Open Studio, a fabulous design firm in Dusseldorf, Germany. Owners and designers Kai Hoffmann and Julia Furtmann put together their first solo exhibition featuring a colorful bunch of brand new personal work — exclusively made for this special night. Their main theme for the show was colors. “We just wanted to experiment with colours, materials and dimensions,” explains Kai. Power Flower, the name given to this series of figurines, was part of this fun celebration. Did I mention I want them all? BTW, you must indulge yourself and take a peek at their fine and unique design work here, it's quite delightful.

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Gracing The Walls

Today, we pay homage to mid-century modern design with these scrumptious prints by Yumalum, “a small corner of the interboogle which will hopefully brighten your day and your home.” This is just a taste of his retrochic collection of posters he creates all the way from Swansea, UK. I'm honestly having a hard time picking a favorite as they're all fab and can grace my walls anytime. If you're in the mood for more mid-century eye candy, you can browse his blog .


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Bright and Jolly

I know, it's too early to be thinking about Christmas, we haven't even gone through Halloween or Thankgiving yet. Trust me, I'm not the kind of person that starts thinking of Holiday decorating months before. But when I found these delicious Pantone Xmas Balls by Seletti I sort of got in the spirit. I'm even thinking they're going to be this year's theme for my silver tinsel Christmas tree. Don't you love them?



Fishy never had it so good with this quirky fish bowl designed by Aruliden for Turkish design brand Gaia and Gino. The Fishscape is a 2.5 gallon handmade glass fish bowl with a textured interior landscape that gives its little dwellers a fun setting to swim around. And let's be honest, with or without little Nemo, the bowl is a gorgeous piece to showcase anywhere in your home. Its fresh concept reminds me of these other über cool fish habitats I shared with you a while back. Take a look here and here.


A Brain for Books

Karim Rashid is known for his imaginative and futuristic design style. Everything that he creates has a unique twist on reality. These phenomenal bookends are no exception. The Knowledge in the Brain, based on a 3D representation of his own head, can be a fun addition to any contemporary bookcase. Even when not holding up your books, they are a wonderful accessory by themselves. For more funky bookends, go here.

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Masterpieces Remixed

I thought I had seen everything, but these prints blew my mind. Inspired by Georges Seurat's pointillism style, these stunning and colorful prints break down famous masterpiece paintings into fun graphic posters. Leornardo da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa' (above) is distilled, reduced down and remixed into 140 exact circular characters of color, plus each print is signed and dated in the back for authenticity. They make little sense up close, but a little more when looked at from the other side of the room. If you love these as much as I do, you can buy them here. However, they also offer a handful of free prints that you can download here, including the 'Mona Lisa'.

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Ingenuity At Its Best

I came across this ultra-fun bookshelf at the Sao Paulo home of designer Humberto Campana, and thought it would be the perfect treat for this Sunday. Humberto and his brother Fernando designed it using as inspiration their award-winning Favela chair, 1991. How crazy is that back panel made from different pieces of scrap wood? Love, love, love! If you want to take a complete tour of Humberto's fab pad go here.

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Little Shop of Cool

While window shopping in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, yesterday, I spotted the coolest little shop filled with design goodies. Everything in the window was calling my name, so of course, I had to go in. To my surprise, The Future Perfect had many pieces I had posted in this blog before but never had the chance to see them up close. Every nook in this adorable shop was filled with fun and witty pieces, like these MexiCON Platters by Mexico City-based design house DFC. The colorful plates display portraits of six famed Mexican personalities like billionaire Carlos Slim and telenovela darlings Andres Garcia and Veronica Castro. Aren't they delicious?

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