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The No-Rules Approach
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A very dear friend of mine is getting married in February, and today I head down to Tampa, Florida, to spend the weekend and help her make some important decisions on key details for her special day. So with that in mind and to start getting in the wedding-planning mood, I found these wonderful posters from our friend Veronika over at Sarah & Bendrix. Her work might seem familiar to you since I featured it here a while back, but these darling pieces are part of her new collection-I thought they'd perfect for the occasion. BTW, I'll try to keep you posted on our planning through Instagram... so stay tuned!

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Yesterday I woke up to the best of emails: Paperblog, a selective blog curator, had chosen yours truly as the 'Blogger of the Day'—SWEEEET! (A zillion thanks to Paperblog for this wonderful honor). I was so delighted by the news that I started doing the happy dance. Well, not quite, but I was certainly walking on air. So to share a dose of my joy with you, how about these gorgeous pictures I found by the über talented photographer Petra Bindel? This is part of her latest work she did for the Danish furniture and home decor company MUUTO (inspired by the Finnish word ‘muutos’ which means new perspective). How beautiful is their new line and soft color palette? Love!

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I'm a sucker for fun conceptual art. That's why when I spotted this series of sculptures I felt the urge to share them with you and hoped you would love them as much as I do. Created by American artist Michael Jantzen, ‘The House As A Metaphor’ are conceptual sculptures that incorporate a simple symbolic shape of a house in each of the pieces. Some of their names are directly related to its final form (like ‘Heads of the House’ above), but in others the relationship is less obvious. However, in every case the artist's intention was to play with the image of the house and have some fun with it—which I think he definitely did. Which one is your favorite? Mine? Hmmm... I would have to say ‘Dream House’ and ‘House Flipper’.

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Organization has always been my weakness, well more like my obsession. That's why when I saw these neatly arranged kitchen drawers I felt in heaven. Undoubtedly, these are drawers for any design lover. The color-coordinated drawers display utensils from Normann Copenhagen's Fall line of kitchen gadgets, known for their great balance between form and function. I've always been a huge fan of their products, more so after visiting their flagship store in Copenhagen—it was like walking into a design paradise.

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The first thing I do when getting up every morning is pouring a cup of joe to get the day going. And how much brighter my day would be with one of these colorful Geo thermoses by Normann Copenhagen. It's great how they've fused its minimalist yet stylish design with such wonderfully bright and fashion-inspired color combinations. “My idea behind Geo was to make a thermos that has character. I have worked with the various lines, circles and forms of the thermos to create a geometric harmony and to give the flask weight and stability. Its shape is what gives Geo a sharp and graphic expression, and the masculine design perfectly counterbalances the lively color combinations,” explains the designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen. They're all so so wonderful I would have a hard time picking a favorite, even though the black and gray combo will look amazing in my kitchen.

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I don't know if I'm an ax kind of guy, but for graphic designer Peter Buchanan-Smith this evocative tool sort of turned his world around when, after seeing the need for a better ax, founded Best Made Company. What started as a venue where he sold mostly axes, Best Made has become a go-to place for a variety of stylish accessories for the outdoors aficionado. His inventory includes a line of products such as wearable goods, bags, first aid kits, a popular limited edition map series and goodies for the home. I love how simple, yet beautifully designed all his products are, especially their classic aesthetics of yesteryear. Here are some of my Best Made faves.

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I knew visiting Scandinavia was going to be fantastic. But what I didn't know, although friends who had been there warned me about, was I would want to come with suitcases stuffed to the max with delicious home decor. They were right. Take for instance these phenomenal and unique toss pillows by Louise Roe Design Essentials, a Danish interior and design company with a commitment to best quality, aesthetic and functionality. Louise Roe is a qualified clothes designer and has worked for many years in the home furnishing and interior design business. Her mission is to revive Danish interior design and add an architectural touch by using the graphic lines in the city, the buildings and monuments as frames for inspiration. The ambition is to rethink the concept of interior design and functionality into one. I saw her pillows in several shops around Copenhagen and instantly fell in love with them, particularly one with a photo print of a stack of old books. I wanted it really bad, but after much deliberation, I knew it would take too much space in my bags. Oh well, maybe next time I should pack lighter so I can splurge on all the wonderful home goodies Scandinavians have to offer.

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Danish design has been in the vanguard for decades. We've all come to know and love the classic traits that have made this style an international force. While in Copenhagen, I paid a visit to the Danish Design Center, Denmark’s knowledge centre for design, and was able to see some very cool exhibits. One of my favorites was Denmark by Design, an exhibit showcasing the development in Danish design from 1945 to 2010 and how it has become an integrated part of our everyday lives and mindset. The exhibition also explores the new generation of designers and companies that will design the decades to come and maintain Denmark's position as a leading design nation. The pieces were displayed by decades in a very clever way, giving a clear scope of the extensive contributions by Danish designers to modernity. I enjoyed everything about it, particularly being surrounded by so many iconic pieces of furniture I love and use in my everyday life, like Arne Jacobsen's Egg and Ant chairs and the Pantone chair by Verner Panton.

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