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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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One of the reasons why I love living in New York is experiencing the changes that every season brings to my life. Although all of them have a special place in my heart, Fall is one of my favorites as it's a time of transition and renewal. It marks the beginning of a new school year and the start of a much anticipated, new TV season. But first and foremost, it gives me an excuse to cozy up my pad to prepare for the long winter days ahead. It's all about rich and comfy textures, warm colors and accessories that make living with chilly temperatures more manageable. With just a few days until its arrival, here are some of my picks to add some spice and style to your nest this Fall. Go to our Facebook page and share with us your favorite decor for this special season.

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Written by guest blogger Lindsay Coleman. 

Coming home to a dull bedroom can be depressing, especially after a long and stressful day. There are many ways you can make your bedroom feel cozy and welcoming without the need of spending a fortune. Here are five easy design tips and DIY ideas that will help your turn your sleeping quarters into a five-star sanctuary while getting the biggest bang for your buck.

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Where do I start? Copenhagen is ALL I expected and more. It's a city where you breath design the moment you step out of the plane. Everywhere I go the magnificent Scandinavian design is at my fingertips. Just by walking around town is enough to get inspired by the Danes' unique and effortless sense of style. Here are a few things that have caught my eye through my long strolls and bike rides in this charming capital. Want more? Get trip updates and plenty more eye candy by following TheDesignerPad in Instagram and/or Twitter (@thedesignerpad). Now that I've seen Copenhagen on foot and on a bike, today I'll be taking a boat tour through the city's many canals to see it from different perspective.

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It seems it was only yesterday when we were clicking our champagne glasses to ring in 2012. I can't believe June is already here and Summer is fast approaching. So if you haven't started getting ready and are in the mood for those lazy Summer days, Sweet Paul has the perfect motivation for you. His much anticipated Summer issue is here full of food, chockablock with crafts, and stuffed with style. “The issue is going to give you a ton of charming, unfussy, and doable projects, ideas, and recipes that are sure to make this summer truly special for one and all,” assures Paul. The digital edition is available now and can be downloaded for free here. But if you rather enjoy browsing through the gorgeous pages of a printed edition, a limited run will be available exclusively at U.S. Anthropologie stores and online here starting June 15, 2012.  So this weekend you can sit back and relax, with laptop or iPad in hand, and enjoy another scrumptious Sweet Paul treat.

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Aren't you glad it's Friday!! I certainly am, my friends. It's been a week of running around, a great deal of subway rides and lots of back and forth making sure the final touches of my present project go as smoothly as possible (more details to come once I'm finished with it). This weekend I plan to relax and do close to nothing, except devour the new issue of Sweet Paul Magazine that's out and about. The Spring issue is chuck full of great decorating ideas, savory recipes and loads of DIY projects for the whole family. So set some time aside this weekend to take a peek and enjoy this very sweet treat. Thank you Paul for yet another gorgeous edition.

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An Australian Twist

Today you're in for a treat as the fourth issue of EST magazine is out. In case you're not familiar with this gorgeous webazine, it comes from our friends Down Under. EST is relaxed and stylish, is not self conscious and it does not take itself too seriously. Its editors describe it as loving the sun but also appreciating the seasons. It loves looking to the past but also likes shiny and new - this is what gives EST a fun Aussie twist. This edition is dedicated to Scandinavian design, which you know I have a major crush on. So sit back, enjoy and get ready to be inspired by all the eye candy that pops from its pages. Also, remember to enter this week's giveaway here to have chance to win a chic and trendy leather iPad case.

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Mixing It All Up

By guest blogger Ellen Spencer

A lush room with intense decor commands attention easily. Many people prefer riveting and dazzling patterns over plain colors and a minimal decor. They have a love for interiors that look strong and sensational. Although one can pick out subtle patterns that are not too overpowering, these will also look a lot more prominent than plain colors or nominal patterns. Here is a guide to do up your home using bold and striking patterns:

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Warm Winter Sanctuaries

Bedroom Design

• Written by guest blogger Jessica

As the days have gotten colder and shorter, I've been craving the warmth of a cozy bed, made up to ward off the winter chill. If you're looking for ways to make your bedroom more winter-friendly, here are some ideas that will help you get there. Take for instance the rustic bedroom above, with the deep blue wall color that acts as the perfect background to make the crisp white bedding pop. The thick woven blanket and heavy comforter on this modern bed offer just the right place to curl up, warm and cozy. I especially love the sconce above the night stand.

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