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The No-Rules Approach
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by Christiane Lemieux 



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I think this weekend is calling for an easy DIY project, so I felt this fun and chic lamp by Riikka Kantinkoski at Weekday Carnival would do the trick. Riikka created this striking pendant without any welding involved. She basically used four thin and hollow metallic tubes, tied a twine through them, and started folding them freely to create this interesting geometric shape. Once she had the shape down, she tied the ends of the twine to keep the structure together and placed it on a Nud´s Base lamp. Isn't gorg? I saw it and fell in love with its simplicity and great lines. Great job, Riiika!

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Most times closet space doesn't come in abundance. I remember when we were searching for apartments, one of the first things we would look for was storage and closets. Unfortunately, here in New York City that is a commodity that's hard to find—I would say ninety percent of the places we saw had tiny ones or none at all. But guess what? That's part of living in the big city and we make do. I know people who in order to compensate for the lack of storage, buy metal racks to hang their clothes. So if you ever find yourself in that situation and would like put your skillful hands at work and make your own, I came across this pretty-easy-to-make and inexpensive coat rack in Weekday Carnival. The beauty of this rack is that you can customize it to a size that best works for you and paint to match your decor. All you need is a few copper pipes, six corner pieces and four T-connectors. Enssemble, polish, wipe, paint and voilá. You have a pretty industrial-chic rack that will look great either in your bedroom or foyer as a handy coat rack.

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Before I give you the juicy details on this wonderful DIY project, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your awesome support in Apartment Therapy's Homies contest. Even though TheDesignerPad didn't make it to the finals of this fierce competition (big sigh), it came in at a proud #8 on a list of hundreds. However, it was a very gratifying experience and an wonderful opportunity to discover cool and inspiring new blogs. So I encourage you to take a few minutes to browse through the list and vote for your other favorite blogs here. Okay, now back to this amazing and very easy project I came across in Briggs.

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If you're looking to quickly change the look and mood of your home, paint is your best ally. British paint and wallpaper company Farrow and Ball has a full range of traditional and modern paint finishes of the highest quality. These beautiful room vignettes, displaying some of their delicious color combinations, can give you ideas for new looks and playful colors schemes to experiment with. These tones are quintessential for Spring and they'll give your home a fresh and renewed energy after a long and gloomy Winter.

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Hanger, Hanger on The Wall

Image via apartment therapy

Hanging artwork in your walls is never an easy task. First, you need to consider how to frame your art, which in its own can be pretty daunting and expensive. Then, you start debating where and how to display your pieces. But there are fun and inexpensive alternatives that you can do and still accomplish an impactful arrangement on your walls. One clever idea, is to use wooden or metal pant hangers to display your collection of prints and posters. This will give you the flexibility to arrange them on the wall without much hassle. Below are four suggestions for hangers you can use for this quick Saturday project. Have fun!! BTW, don't forget to enter this week's giveaway here where you can win a fabulous Judy Kaufmann print to add to your art collection.

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