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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Always A Fresh Hair Day

In my search for new and fun ideas to share with you today, I came across these hilarious pots designed by Good in the Republic of Kazakhstan. These ‘Facepots’ can be a fun alternative to picture frames, giving your portraits an amusing twist — and a funky hairdo. But if you're worried your prints might get damaged by water and/or humidity, don't. They're sealed between the basic white pot and transparent protective layer to keep them nice and dry. Aren't these witty? BTW, you have until 8 pm EST tonight to enter this week's GIVEAWAY :)

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Breaking Hearts

Do you think an object can fill your emotional needs? Well, that was the question that sparked the idea of this sentimental and meaningful piece. Corezone is the creation of designers Dorota Skalska and Agniezka Mazur, two product design students who met while attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. The concept behind it is pretty neat: it's a heart-shaped ceramic vessel where you can place your thoughts, feelings and emotions, hence safeguarding something spiritual in a material space. It's a beautiful way of writing your sentiments and keeping them safe (and secret) in a sacred place —for yourself or your loved ones. I guess the only way to release them is by breaking opening up your heart.

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It's All in The Label

It takes a great deal to be a fantastic salesperson, especially when doing it on Craigslist, as it can be somewhat of a challenge. But don't worry, with the help of this amusing chart I found through Core77, you'll become a pro in no time — and better yet, you'll add some cachet to your offerings. So don't waste any time and start going through your unwanted treasures and start labeling. Happy selling!

Illustration by lunchbreath


A Toy-Box Story

I hope you had an amazing Christmas. Mine was great. I spent most of the day with family and friends, and had the most amazing afternoon stroll through the Born district in Barcelona. Although not many people were out, still felt festive with all the kids showing off their new possessions that Santa had left them under the tree. Now with all the new trinkets and gifts comes the worry of where to store these extra goodies. That's when you need very cool and smart storage to hide them in style. This Ogle Toy Box is a fun and practical piece of furniture that any child would love to have as part of their bedroom. Plus it's designed with a cut-outs on all four sides to prevent kids fingers from getting caught. Don't you love it too?

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A Smile On Your Table

Tableware is the most important element when setting a table — it sets the mood for the occasion. There are so many different styles available that it's hard to decide which ones to buy. I personally love to mix and match dishes of different styles and shapes in order to create interesting and playful table settings. But with these gorgeous creations by Portuguese and award-winning industrial designer/ceramics specialist Carla Santiago, you don't need to try too hard. She provides a cool and fun range of designs for you to play with.

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A Bowl of Many Layers

The nifty Fruit Bowl 128 go its name from the amount of layers it's made of — its beautiful surface resembles a terrain model. Designed by Dutch Studio SEMdesignthe bowl is handmade by gluing 128 different pieces of recycled cardboard together. Its sculptural shape looks gorgeous with or without fruits in it. Are you thrilled by challenges? Well, how about making your own bowl. The designers offer a free manual that walks you, step by step, through the project. Come on, you can do it

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A Tally of Two Cities

After New York, Paris is my second favorite city in the world. Both are magical and stimulating and have that je ne sais quoi that makes my heart beat faster. As very important international destinations, Paris and New York are recognized by very particular icons. Vahram Muratyan, a lover of Paris wandering through New York's infinite details, has come up with a wonderful and humorous way of comparing these two capitals through a “visual but friendly match seen by clichés and contradictions”, called Paris vs. New York. I personally think they're genius. The prints can be purchased here. Enjoy!

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A lacy twist

In my recent visit to Antwerp, I stayed at the very hip Hotel Banks. The two things I loved most about this place were the daily happy hour, with free drinks and delicious tapas, and the cool decor throughout. But the screens used to divide the different areas in the lobby really caught my eye — I had never seen something like them. They were inspired by the region's well-known ancient craft of lace making and combined with industrial chain-link fence. The intriguing fusion of these two patterns created an amazing look.

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