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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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A Wall Is Born

If you're looking to add instant pizzazz to your home, without breaking the bank, look what I got for you. These phenomenal sculptural wall tiles are your ticket to cover an existing wall, help disguise a not-so-smooth surface or add a modern pattern to any room setting. And what's even better is that no tree was harmed through the process since they're made from 100% bamboo pulp. You can create your own pattern by simply rotating them and they also can be painted to match your decor. I love them so, that I recently finished covering a brick wall in my pad with the Seesaw Wall Flats. It looks amazing! Stay tuned, I'll be posting about this DIY project with before, during and after picture for you to see. Aren't these cool?

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And The Eco-Friendly Drapes Go To...

Congratulations to Kiki, the lucky winner of this giveaway. Living in Germany, a country where recycling is a priority, she has learned to be Earth-conscious in order to help our planet. She recycles everything that is to be recycled, uses green supermarket totes, is very good at not wasting water and public transportation is her way of commuting when not using her bike. Kudos to you Kiki, and thank you for participating in our giveaway. I hope these Caress Voile Sheer panels from Curtainworks will be a great addition to your pad. Enjoy!



Waterfront Beauty

Can you believe these stunning interiors once transported cars across a Copenhagen waterway? I know, I couldn't believe it either. Danish architect Nils Jeppe Hansen transformed this ferryboat into the offices for his design firm, DSA ARK Studio. Hansen kept the boat's original structure intact and added a sculptural zinc box with a row of skylights on either side and solar panels on the roof. I think it's a unique concept. I'm smitten by all these design studios that are revolutionizing the house boat image and creating sophisticated floating habitats like this one. I'm sure this boat is glad to have put its transporting days behind it to enjoy a new serene and stylish life on waterfront.

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Living In 500 Sq. Feet • The Bedroom

So here it is: the final details on our pad's renovation. But before I start with all the juicy details, I'm very excited to tell you our tiny place made it into Apartment Therapy's Small/Cool Contest. So it would be sweet if I could count with your support to win our category and be able to go to the finals. All you need to do is go to this LINK and make it your favorite. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the love :)

Now, let's get back to business. Although it's the last room in the series, the bedroom is the one I'm proudest of because it presented the biggest challenge due to it's teeny-tiny size (7'7"wide  x 15'3"long). Besides the bed and nightstands, we needed to create room for as many closets as we could fit. The best solution we found was to knock down the existing wall to open up the room into the living area. That's when we came up with the idea to build an L-shaped partition that would house the closets. 

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An Egg-cellent Habitat

Happy Easter everyone, I hope you're having a superb holiday. Look what I found on my Easter Egg Hunt: these adorable and stylish pods will offer your furry friends a safe and nurturing habitat to relax in. Why not add some pizzazz to Fido or Whiskers' life with a small sanctuary that reflects your personal style. You can customize their pEi Pod (Ei means egg in German) by selecting from charming pastel colors and fabrics. I'm sure that if Oliver saw these he would add one to his wish list.

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Modular Sensation

Sometimes it's quite hard to find the perfect piece of furniture that will fit our needs, either in size or color, without sacrificing quality. In order to address this dilemma, Håkan Johansson founded the Swedish company Zweed. One of its most innovative lines is Citti, a flexible and modular system that offers their clients a storage unit tailored to their requirements. What's great about this concept is that you have the option of choosing the size, depth, configuration, finishes and colors that best suit your home. You can also design your unit with or without doors and drawers for the compartments. I just love the versatility of this product, especially when space is an issue. It's the perfect storage piece for any room in your home that can be modified or expanded if needed.

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GIVEAWAY: Eco-friendly Drapes

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It's very exciting to see how more and more home decor manufacturers are joining the environmental movement and coming out with sustainable products for our pads. Curtainworks, a great online source for ready-made curtains, is one that has jumped on the green bandwagon by offering consumers an eco-friendly and stylish alternative in window treatments. Caress Voile Sheer curtain panels are fashionable, affordable and feature Repreve fibers made from 100% recycled materials including used plastic bottles. I'm so delighted Curtainworks has teamed up with us to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and sponsor this giveaway. Luckily, they're giving a reader the opportunity to be part of the green revolution and are hooking her/him up with a pair of Caress Voile Sheers panels. The winner will be able to pick from selected lengths and colors (white, ivory or linen). Ok, ok, here's how you can get your hands on this fab freebie. 

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A Common Good

Let's start celebrating Earth Day by making your Spring cleaning a little greener using this line of biodegradable and refillable household cleaners by Brooklyn-based company Common Good. Created by former prop stylists, the brand was born of the idea that we were using too much plastic. With the help from specialists, they were able to develop products that were not only safe for people and the environment, but also didn't sacrifice cleaning power by using low toxic and plant-based ingredients.. The line offers laundry detergent, dish soap, hand soap, an all-purpose cleaner, soap bars, candles and 100% cotton flour sack dish cloths. Even the minimalist packaging design reflects their visionary concept. Common Good products can be found in select New York stores and of course online. By the way, don't miss our fabulous Earth Day Giveaway tomorrow!

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