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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Fields of dreams

Inspired by nature and farm landscapes, the Land Carpets depict fabulous aerial views as seen from a plane's window. These miniature landscapes are based on satellite images of four different regions of the globe – Europe, The Netherlands, Africa and the United States – portraying how each area deals with terrain and farming differently. Made in New Zealand, the limited edition rugs are a perfect way to bring nature into your homes.

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Riding with a conscience

Nowadays, bicycles come in all shapes and colors but this one is unique. Although not the first of it's kind (see history here) , the Bamboocycle was designed with sustainability and responsibility in mind. Created by 24 year-old Mexican industrial designer Diego Cárdenas, this bike is known for its lightness, strength and flexibility. The bamboo used to make this bicycle is grown in Veracruz, Mexico and is treated to maximize sturdiness and endurance. I so want one.

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Didn't you get the memo?

Every year, Pantone Color System comes out with a gamma of colors that will set the trends for each season, both in fashion and home decor. For Fall and Winter they are offering a palette of ten beautiful and exciting colors with very vivid tones which have already been making a splash in most home decor shops.

Among them you can find Endive, a very crisp yellow-green with freshness and lightness. Golden yellow, an earthy shade of yellow that will give you a retro look when combined with Purple Orchid – the unexpected choice of the bunch. Lagoon is the turquoise for Fall which is an absolute complement to Living Coral, a combo that will give you a hint of tropical to refresh your space. If you want a burst of passion, then Lipstick Red is the perfect choice. Chocolate Truffle is a delicious rich brown with plum undertones that could be a perfect side dish to Purple Orchid. If you're a green lover then go for Woodbine, a calming grassy green. When it comes to neutrals Oyster Gray grounds the palette, where Rose Dust, a flattering beige, is the romantic option.

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Twisted lights

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I'm all for being nice to the planet and conserving energy by using low energy bulbs in your home. But let's be honest, the light that some of this bulbs radiates can be, with exception of some, a little too institutional – plus they're not that pretty to look at. Thankfully, the new Plumen fluorescent bulb has arrived. The new model aims to show off its very unique coil rather than hide it like the traditional design and the light seems to be much warmer. How twisted is that?


Room service

Image by Lucas Allen

There's nothing better than waking up late on a Sunday morning and having a delicious breakfast in bed surrounded by your comfy down pillows and comforter. And if you really want to eat in style, bring your culinary fare, or just a cup of joe and a bagel, on one of these gorgeous and stylish trays. Whatever your style is, I'm sure there's one out there for you. Happy Sunday!

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In shadow

The silhouette portraits have been around since the 18th century, but like most art forms they seem to be popular again. Whether called shades, profiles or shadow pictures these were pictorial representations of a person cut out from black thin cards – but then the camera came along. On a recent Sunday brunch at Bobo Restaurant in Greenwich Village (btw, one of my favorites now) a wall filled top to bottom with gracious profiles caught my eye. The funny thing is that after that, they seem to follow me EVERYWHERE. You can find them in toss pillows, shower curtains, tote bags, votive candle holders, bedding and wall art. This has now become a popular trend for home decor. And guess what? You can even get your own silhouette portrait done by Brooklyn artist Carter Kustera. They are really unique and a fun addition to personalize your decor. 

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Style also comes in small packages

Who says small spaces can’t be functional and stylish at the same time. If you don’t believe me, ask Steve Sauer who lives in a minute 182 square-feet condo for two in the basement floor of a 102-year-old apartment building in Seattle. His tri-level apartment includes two beds, a kitchen, bathroom with both shower and tub, a dining area plus closets and storage for his bikes. His secret? Steve doesn’t believe in wasting space or having needless accessories or furniture. Job well done!

See more images and read all the details how Steve designed his small pad without sacrificing style at The Seattle Times.

Image: © Benjamin Benschneider/The Seattle Times 


Moooi: beautiful

I have always been a huge fan of Marcel Wanders, Dutch designer and one of the masterminds behind the outrageously creative design company MOOOI, which means BEAUTIFUL in Dutch - they decided to add an extra O because it's extra beautiful. The original store is located in Amsterdam, but as of yesterday the British capital has the amazing pleasure to house the first permanent showroom and UK headquarters. 

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