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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Moooi: Amsterdam

In my recent trip to Amsterdam, one of my must-visit places on my list was the famous Moooi store and gallery. To feel like locals, we rented bikes and headed to one of the oldest part of town where this hot spot of interior goodies and unique gifts is located. When you first come in into the building, also housing Dutch designer Marcel Wander's headquarters, you're welcomed by the beautiful Raymond lamp and stunning mosaic tile floors.

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Holiday Gift Guide: part 6

Sadly, this is the last of my Holiday Gift Guide series. I've had a blast compiling all the cool stuff I found during the process. I hope it has been a great help to you, and made your shopping a little less stressful. This time it's all about the home. I found a selection of lovely items that can be the perfect present for a host, or hostess, or that last-minute gift you were not counting on. I know some people feel that giving home-related presents can be an imposition on someone's taste. But if you know your friends well, you shouldn't have a problem. In any case, chocolates are always appreciated. Happy giving... and receiving, of course!

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Stylish Cardboard

For those procrastinators who are still living among boxes after the big move, the Wannabe Table by German Design Studio Llot Llov, has come to your rescue. The laser-cut steel table can make cardboard look very chic — you can place it atop one of your own boxes, or use the cardboard box that comes with it. Besides visual relief, this clever innovation also serves as very handy storage. Use it as a coffee table or even night stands. Who would have thought that cardboard could be part of your home decor

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Mix & Match

Accessories are as important to your decor as everything else in your home. Through them, you can show a little more of your style and personality. However, it is always a challenge to successfully accesorize your pad. Often, these keepsakes have very special meaning: they're mementos from your travels, family treasures or simply finds you adore. The secret is to create interesting vignettes with balanced compositions playing with different shapes, heights and shades of color. Don't be afraid of trying various arrangements, but editing is key. For this you must trust your eye. These gorgeous images from the portfolio of photographer David Prince, are proof of great displays. I'm a firm believer that accessories should not look forced in a space, they need to blend harmoniously within the rest of your decor. Remember, this is all about you, so have fun showing off your proud possessions.

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Delicious sophistication

One of my favorite treats in the world is finding a place that sells great macarons. When I came across the pictures of this luscious white gem filled with the multicolored confections, I flipped over two of my fave things: macarons and white interiors, together in one space. What else could I ask for? In the last couple of years, I've noticed a boom of these French delicacies popping up in several stores. Back in 2009, Theurel & Thomas opened its doors in San Pedro, the most affluent suburb in Monterrey, Mexico. It's the first store that specializes in macarons in that country. The flawless bright interior is the absolute best backdrop to showcase these sweet confections. Also, the way they chose to display them is exquisite, and the packaging, impeccable. The whole concept was created and designed by the Mexican Agency Anagrama. The boutique-like store is a contemporary twist of and old French patisserie. Now I have another reason to pay a visit to Mexico.

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My top 10: Bookcases

Are you one of those bookworms with volumes of best sellers and magazines, but with no special place to keep them stashed? These buddies that keep you entertained day after day deserve better than sitting on big piles around your pad. Here are some of the front-runners on my list of favorite bookcases in the market. They're different and fun, and some unexpected. Also, if you've always liked the look of a formal library and cannot afford to have one, you can get the look with this very nifty Bookshelf Wallpaper — a fun twist for any room. Happy reading, in style!

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The Brick House Project

What started as a renovation of a 1951 foreclosed brick house
in Hemet, California has turned into a blog, The Brick House, about products, great finds and design inspiration. Morgan Satterfield and her boyfriend Jeremy Chlebik started the remodeling back in 2008 and it's still a work in progress. For Morgan it seems like it'll probably never end — and that's a good thing!. “I'm going to be tweaking the house forever. We do almost everything ourselves with help from family and friends on lucky occasions. I'm typically in charge of the overall design and make all the decisions. I look for inspiration in thrift stores, in movies, books, on other blogs, from friends, etc”, she says.

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Creative Forces

One of my favorite spots to escape to from New York's hectic lifestyle is the magical home of my dear friends Deborah Ehrlich and Christopher Kurtz in New York's Hudson Valley. Last week we were so excited to spend Thanksgiving weekend with them, their darling daughter Willa, and their fascinating group of friends. I simply love staying in their stunning 1720 stone house, not just for its peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, but for the creativity encountered in every little corner.

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