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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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The daily flower

There is nothing I enjoy more than having fresh-cut flowers around my apartment every week. For me, they add that final touch that helps create a cozy home. I try to make Fridays ”Flower Day”. One of my favorite places to find a great selection is the the 28th Street Flower Market in New York. Sandra Bautista, a Spanish designer, is also a big fan of flowers and loves having them on her desk daily — a different one everyday. That's when she decided to create Fresh Flowers, a fun and creative way of satisfying her wish

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Tasteful compositions - The video

Last week I gave you a taste of some of the most unique and spectacular food photography found inside the 140-page IKEA baking cookbook Homemade Is Best. The beautiful still-life portraits for all thirty mouth-watering recipes were inspired by high fashion and Japanese minimalism. Don't you wish you were a fly in the wall to see how it all went down? Well, you're in luck. Now you can go behind the scenes with this video I found. Enjoy!! 


Via Forsman & Bodenfors on Vimeo.


Versatile seating

Designers nowadays are faced with many challenges when having to come up with new lines of furniture, especially by the reduction of living spaces. They're always in the look out for new ideas and ways of maximizing their functionality. And when looking for new seating alternatives, I was wowed by all of these kooky solutions. Is it a chair or a lamp? Is it a bench or a bookcase? Is it a magazine rack or a stool? The answers: all of the above. These seating wonders had their job descriptions doubled — besides giving us a place to sit, they also help us live clutter-free.  Thanks to the ingenuity of these designers, those of us living small, now can enjoy some free space. Turn it on, grab a book, sit back and relax!

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I don't have to turn my head to notice the latest fascination with owl decor that has been popping up everywhere. This nocturnal creature has quietly become the design inspiration for a diverse collection of accessories for your home  — in a very interesting range of interpretations. This novelty has come and gone through time, but this recent reincarnation seems to be most playful. From lamps, throw pillows, sculptures to even wall art, bringing any of these adorable pieces into your nest will add, for sure, a dash of fun.

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A ceramic affair

Yes, I know I'm a junkie when it comes to crisp white interiors, result of my obsession with cleanliness (and no, I didn't have to pay a therapist for this diagnosis). But in this case what captivated me about this glorious space is that the architect, Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez, used ceramic tiles as the leading element in this project — hence the name Ceramic House. His idea was to create a continuous space and to have unobstructed flow between the open rooms and different levels. The layout of this attic apartment in Madrid maximizes space to perfection, creating a roomy and luminous space to relax in. One of my favorite things about this home is the love affair between the cold ceramic tiles and the warmth and richness of the wooden décor — what a perfect romance!

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Holiday Gift Guide: part 1

OMG, can you believe it's November already? I certainly can't. Time is flying by so fast and before we know it, the Holiday Season is upon us. I don't like rushing into things, but I hate to partake in the last minute shopping frenzy that comes with this time of year. I think the secret is in the planning, especially when our list tends to get bigger and bigger every year. So I decided to give you a head start by sharing my first Annual Gift Guide starting today.

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Trick or Treat

My dear friends,
I want to take this festive day to sincerely thank you for your devout readership and for making the TheDesignerPad's first couple of months a complete success. I hope you're finding it exciting and inspiring — and you enjoy reading it. I'm absolutely having loads of fun gathering the best and most innovative treats out there in the design stratosphere to share with you all. Have a safe and spooky Halloween — and a handful of sweets, from me to you!

Artwork design ©TheDesignerPad


Who's there?

Aren't these adorable? What a fab way to add some whimsy to your entrance door. These fun peephole covers are the perfect disguise for such boring-looking piece of hardware. And on top of it, they're made out of birch wood from sustainably managed forests, making them a great eco-friendly product. I'm sure they'll put a huge happy smile on all those guests knocking at your door.

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