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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Holiday Gift Guide: part 5

If you're having a hard time deciding what to give this holiday season, you can always make a statement by helping the environment. Since this is such a hot cause, almost every store and website out there have sustainable gifts. From furniture to personal accessories, the selections are endless. Here are some that I thought are fun and different. And of course, there is something for everyone in the family — even for Fido. So give green and help make our planet a better place to live.

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A Classic With a Twist

Reminiscent of classic industrial metal lamps from the 20th century, the Batucada table task lamp is designed by Brazilian designer Brunno Jahara and produced by Vialight. The lamp is a continuation of the Batucada Collection, where the designer hammers and smashes objects such as centerpieces, vases and lamps. It uses LED technology and is made of low impact materials such as aluminum, which is 100% recyclable. Even though every lamp is unique, the hammered surfaces reflect the light and lend character to the lamps. As part of the Miami Design Week, the Batucada lamp will be displayed at Ornare showroom in the Design District starting tomorrow November 29. I think it's a great addition to the collection!

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No Clutter, Please

The owner of a cleaning company in New York, Barbara Roche Fierman, lives in this small flat in the East Village designed by Oskar Torres. Her company, New York's Little Elves, often does show houses and cleans after multimillion dollar apartments that have been renovated by some of the most recognized interior designers in the city. After having raised her kids, she wanted to have a paired-down place. She went as far as taking the stove out of her kitchen because she feels burners are ugly — even the shelves are half full to avoid clutter. The whole apartment is all white since she wanted a “light neutral color that was totally non demanding” of her attention. After many years, Ms. Fierman has realized that objects are not worth worrying about. Living only with what is necessary is her motto. I guess that's key when having a small place

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Christmas Chic

Thanksgiving has come and gone, so it's time to start thinking about Christmas and giving your place some Yuletide flavor. But every year stores make it more and more difficult to choose from the hundreds of beautiful holiday decor they offer. That's why I tried to narrow down the options and share with you some of my favorites ones for this season. So come on, get the ball rolling early so your home will be all spruced up in time for the holiday celebrations. Cheers!

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A Food Fest

Thanksgiving always revolves around delicious food. It's about sitting around the dining room table in the company of family and friends while countless mouth-watering dishes parade down the room. All week long, everyone has been talking about the yummy recipes they would be concocting for their family celebration. So in honor of this magnificent yearly feast, I want to dedicate this post to, yes, FOOD. So as a treat to you, I want to give you a tasting of the gorgeous work from one of my favorite food photographers Anna Williams. But before I go and get ready to take the train to my friends' house in Upstate New York (where I'll be celebrating the holiday) I want

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Setting The Mood

Tomorrow is a very important day for us living in the States. It's a day of reflection and being thankful for all that life has to offer. Everyone is getting ready for the big family gatherings and making sure all is in place for the celebration. We all want to make this day a special one and have our homes dazzle for the guests. But for those of you that still haven't decided how to dress your table, here are some beautiful and inspirational images by food and lifestyle photographer Anna Williams.

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Old Meets New

The last thing you expect when driving by this Victorian house is that when opening the front door you'll be welcome by incredibly modern and minimalist interiors. The renovation of the house, by San Antonio based Poteet Architects, is simply impeccable. Although they kept some of the original architectural details, they were brought up to date by just painting them white. The contrast between the ebony floors and the crisp walls and trims create an ideal setting to showcase all the furnishings. I'm mad about the “STAY” artwork in the living room made of roses of different shades of blue. It adds the perfect kooky touch to the space. I think it's great when old and new meet in the middle to create a harmonious home such as the Capps Residence.

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A Show of Tiles

I am thrilled to announce our first sponsor. TileShowroom has partnered with TheDesignerPad to offer all of you a fantastic source of tiles for all your DIY projects. What I love most about them is the large selection of natural, recycled glass tiles they have — especially the wide range of colors finishes available. To celebrate this amazing partnership, they're giving all our readers an extra 15% off their already competitive prices, with every purchase of more than $100. Just mention code THEDESIGNERPAD to receive the discount. Don't miss out on this great deal!

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