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Warm Winter Sanctuaries

Bedroom Design

• Written by guest blogger Jessica

As the days have gotten colder and shorter, I've been craving the warmth of a cozy bed, made up to ward off the winter chill. If you're looking for ways to make your bedroom more winter-friendly, here are some ideas that will help you get there. Take for instance the rustic bedroom above, with the deep blue wall color that acts as the perfect background to make the crisp white bedding pop. The thick woven blanket and heavy comforter on this modern bed offer just the right place to curl up, warm and cozy. I especially love the sconce above the night stand.

Bedroom Design

The chic layout of this bedroom is all about straight lines and symmetry. The faux fur throw blanket adds a rustic, winter touch to the room.

Bedroom Design

All the plaid blankets on this bed, not to mention the thick wool slippers, are wonderful winter accessories. I'm loving the intricate detailing on the metal bedframe.

Bedroom Design

This unique cave-like alcove provides a more intimate feeling to the space, just right for snuggling up with that delicious down comforter during the colder months.

Bedroom Design

Heavy knit blankets and balls of yarn are just what you need when you'd rather stay in the warmth of your own bed and work on that new scarf. The neutral color palette works beautifully with the wood panelling, and the adjustable floor lamp is great for task lighting.

Bedroom Design

The tufted sage green headboard in this room is a handsome accent. The floral detailing on the bedspread offers a bit of welcomed color when there is snow outside. The polished metal table lamps add a bit of modern simplicity to the traditional decor of the room.

Bedroom Design

There's nothing more luxurious and cozy than a fireplace in the bedroom, especially when paired with a sleek, modern design aesthetic. But if you don't have a working fireplace, a collection of candles will instantly provide that welcoming glow of a crackling fire. The purple, brown and cream color palette is also particularly warm.

Bedroom Design

I'm Jessica from Arcadian Lighting and I was delighted to guest post on TheDesignerPad. I get to share inspiring interior design ideas and lighting fixtures with blogs like this one. Thank you so much for having me as your guest, Eduardo! I hope you and your readers found these bedrooms inspiring and warming! For more daily light fixture ideas, stop by at Arcadian Lighting blog!

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Reader Comments (2)

Every time I see a picture of an all wood interior with neutral furnishings, I swear I would be happy forever with that aesthetic! That one photo is perfection - so comfortable and classic looking. I love the mix of textures.

Great images!
I love all these images you find. They're always so inspirational. I am loving a few of these spaces. My kind of room.

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