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The No-Rules Approach
to Interior Design
by Christiane Lemieux 



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Welcoming Ideas

via InteriorConnector

Today, the web is one the most important tools for interior designers as it gives us amazing accessibility to resources and new products from around the world. In my daily browsing, I came across Interior Connector, a phenomenal site where you can find the most unique, brilliant, exciting and of-the-moment collections of furnishings, and more. It is a hub where we can find inspiration, discover the newest undercover sources and get the latest industry news. A cool feature Interior Connector offers is an array of articles by talented designers, trendsetters and tastemakers lending design tips and highlighting the latest trends. One that caught my attention is a piece on foyers and entryways by Robyn and Sara Karp, a mother-daughter design team from New York. Here's what they have to say about this important part of the home:

The foyer, or entrance hall of your home, is a great space to showcase your style and moreover, set the tone for what lies ahead. Depending on the size of your space, think about incorporating a great looking console or table (with still life) flanked by two period side chairs or benches, or, if your space is smaller, an arm chair and small side table. Here are a few pointers:

© Emily Gilbert

Treat your foyer like a jewel box for which to display your most unusual pieces; the foyer is a small space but packs a huge punch in terms of style.

© Roger Davies

Your foyer decoration is a great way to bring in some intimate lighting. Often foyers have high ceilings and small built-in overhead lighting that does not provide for good mood setting—don’t be afraid to bring into your foyer a statement chandelier,  lamp or two  or exquisite sconces. It will both highlight your furniture arrangement, and, set the tone for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

© Roger Davies

A low, tufted or other unique bench is a great piece to use —it’s both functional and stylish. Create an arrangement with two sconces flanking a large art piece or mirror above it.

© Magnus Marding

via lonnymag

Remember: When in doubt, go with symmetry. Double up sconces, framed art (pair art vertically above a console, or side by side), consoles or demi lunes (across from each other in a hallway foyer) or side chairs.

Here are some unique benches I found that would make your foyer a very welcoming space:

( 1 ) Amici Entryway Bench  ( 2 ) Lucky Beam Bench  ( 3 ) Rusa Bench
 ( 4 ) Albero Bench  ( 5 ) Offi Momo Bench  ( 6 ) Natural Bench
 ( 7 ) Woven Shaker Bench   ( 8 ) Mori Bench

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I love benches. In the entrance of the house they invite to come and stay, settle comfortably in a home. A kind of welcome...
Jul 20, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterpa[u]
I like very much your way of presentation. I am so much interested to join your network. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep blogging.

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